iPhone and iPod Touch gaming update for December 10, 2012

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On this week’s iPhone and iPod Touch gaming update we have a retro platformer full of nostalgic glory, players can take Vice City into their hands and create portable 1980’s mayhem anywhere, and a compilation of some classic Shoot’em Up games in one conveniently downloadable package.

Mutant Mudds is a $0.99 “12-bit” platformer starring Max as he and his trusty water cannon set out to defeat the “Mutant Mudds”. With 60 levels and 20 additional harder levels, chip tune music, secret doorways, and more, this is sure to be one for the retro iOS fan.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City comes back from the 80’s to your iDevice for $4.99. This ported version of the hit sandbox game features support for customizable controls, retina displays, and iCloud saves. Beyond those, it’s the same drive through a 1980’s Vice City, complete with bad hair styles and eye exploding attire, that you remember on the PS2.

Raiden Legacy SHMUPs its way onto your iDevice for $4.99. Included are 4 Raiden games each with an Arcade, Mission, and Training mode. Choose from 15 ships and two control layouts (including iCade support) as you shoot for Game Center achievements and of course the high score.

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