We’re all shocked by that BioShock Infinite delay

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You know, when I was your age, I thought BioShock Infinite was supposed to come out at the end of 2012. Oh, we were young and foolish back then. Of course, we preferred to be called idealistic, but I know better now. Just wait, you watch. Soon, you’ll be like me. You’ll think that BioShock Infinite being pushed back from its February 26, 2013 release date until March 26, 2012 is the last delay. That it’s no big deal. Mark my words kiddies, you’ll be disappointed again.

The official cause of delay this time is that BioShock Infinite needs last minute bugfixing and general polishing. Those more cynical among us could take this to mean that every time Booker jumps onto certain platforms, he falls right through and plummets endlessly through the sky. Because, you know, Columbia’s on airships and all. Apparently, what’s left to be fixed can be done in only four weeks. Allegedly. Supposedly.

Of course, this all means that there won’t be a day one or first week BioShock Infinite patch, right? Ha, made myself laugh right there and you know that’s half the battle. This is the 2010’s! Every console game needs at least one patch!

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