Don’t Starve Naughty & Nice update includes Smallbirds, pet birds and a chest thief

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The next major update to Don’t Starve will occur on December 11. This update is called Naughty & Nice, and the newly released trailer exemplifies that title. Some of the new features in this update includes the ability to hatch Tallbird eggs. The baby Smallbirds will then supposedly follow you around as if you were their mother. The main concern about these Smallbirds is how will they respond to you once they’re grown. It would be a shame to get killed by your own army of Tallbirds. 

Another new feature shown in the trailer indicates we’ll be able to capture and imprison birds. In the header image from our recent Don’t Starve developer interview, you can see the bird cage that we’ll be able to build. We’ll also be able to capture bunnies. We can still kill them for their delicious morsels later.

And that brings us to Krampus. Krampus is a goat-like creature that looks like he’s out to steal your chests. This is just one of the elements that Klei is implementing to break players out of their comfort zone. Krampus will make surviving less convenient.

Last but not least is a new creature that was cleverly implemented throughout the trailer. Here it is.

Yep, that looks like a spider queen. Members of the Don’t Starve forums pieced this image together from the trailer. We don’t know if this giant spider will be in the December 11 update, but when it does arrive, it won’t be friendly.

Source [Don’t Starve]

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