Is Don’t Starve too easy for you? It’s about to get more complicated

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Don’t Starve is a great game, but it suffers from a common problem. It’s too simple. New players can enjoy a decent challenge until they learn more general and advanced gameplay mechanics. Veteran players that already know the ropes can get stave off death by creating berry farms, killing bunnies without traps and surrounding their camp with trees and chests. Since Don’t Starve‘s content is limited at the moment, there becomes little incentive to step out of a comfort zone. Well, Klei Entertainment is changing that. Don’t Starve will evolve to discourage the simplest ways to survive. Simply put, if you don’t adapt, you will die.

This new approach to adjusting Don’t Starve‘s difficulty was outlined by Kevin Forbes, one of the developers on the team. Forbes made the announcement on the Don’t Starve forums.

“I want individual survival strategies to wear out from overuse, and to become periodically ineffective as the nature of the world changes,” Forbes wrote. “This, coupled with a generally escalating threat-level, will make the game a lot more challenging and fun. With enough different periodic threats overlapping, you’ll also start to see neat combinations that will lead to all sorts of cool emergent effects.”

One example of the increasing threat level arrived in the game’s last update in the form of hounds. Hounds will occasionally raid your camp. If you’re particularly unlucky, a flame hound will appear and can potentially burn all your valuables. In the December 11 Don’t Starve update, we’ll be introduced to a thief that is likely named Krampus. Krampus can steal everything that’s stored in your chests. So much for those extra wood and food supplies huh?

In future versions of the game, Klei will introduce a sanity meter. As you see and do mentally disturbing things, you’ll gradually grow insane. Maintaining sanity can be done by crafting certain clothing items and performing “acts of civility.”

The sanity meter will be complimented by an in-game winter season. In the winter, you’ll have different resources to work with. You’ll also have the added challenge of not freezing to death during the longer night cycles.

There have also been concerns of Don’t Starve lacking an overall goal. To remedy this, Klei will create a story mode that will span multiple worlds. The object will be to survive in each world using the resources that’s provided to you. When you travel to another world, you’ll only be able to carry the items that are on your person. Conquering all the worlds will present you with “the terrible secret of Don’t Starve.”

These updates to the game are very welcome. It’s good to see the developers taking the biggest concerns of players into consideration. Come March 2013, Don’t Starve will be far different than what it is now.

Source [Klei Entertainment]


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