Street Fighter X Mega Man is a love letter to the fans

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Now this is the coolest thing we’ve seen all week. Capcom is getting ready to release Street Fighter X Mega Man on December 17 as a free PC download. This game will incorporate the classic Mega Man gameplay style, and throw in Street Fighter characters as bosses. It’s not a fighting game like Street Fighter X Tekken, but Mega Man fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

This game was created by Seow Zong Hui, who is a Capcom fan from Singapore. Street Fighter X Mega Man will be presented in all its 8-bit glory both graphically and from an audio standpoint. The soundtrack is a combination of Street Fighter and Mega Man music.

Confirmed bosses in the game include Ryu, Blanka, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Crimson Viper and M. Bison. Capcom says their fighting styles and tactics in this game will be similar to what we’ve seen in Street Fighter games.

Here’s a trailer of the game in action.

Source [Capcom Unity]

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