Watch Curiosity cubes shatter before your eyes in latest update

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Curiosity was updated a couple days ago with features that were mentioned in a video by 22cans’ Peter Molyneux in early November. This update, currently only available on Android, shows the cube being destroyed as it happens. This feature helps to bring a little more life to the cube.If you look at the image above, you can see small streaks of white light coming from the cube. These lights indicate where activity is coming from on the cube. Follow the light, and you’ll be able to see the taps of other players.

Additional in-game purchases have also been added such as a brush tool and badgers for $0.99 each. The brush lets you paint which cubes you want to break before you actually shatter them. Badgers basically bounce around the cube and shatter whatever it comes into contact with.

Curiosity still suffers from some stutters every now and then, but I think it performs better than it did in the beginning. For the record, 84 layers have been removed from the cube since it was introduced to us 33 days ago.

Google Play Link [Curiosity]

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