Rumor: G4 reportedly pairing with Esquire for refocused makeover

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If the latest reports are accurate, the G4 that we have known for so long is reportedly pairing with Esquire for a major evolution in its structure. The end result of the arrangements, to be referred to as the Esquire Channel according to The Hollywood Reporter, is expected to make its official evolutionary process completion take full effect in early 2013.

We’re already noticing the early transitional process moving forward with the retirement of X-Play and Attack of the Show in the final days of 2012. That being said, we reportedly haven’t seen the last of the gaming traditions that had originally defined G4 (although we don’t have any specifics thereof). There will of course be some new topics for the extreme makeover that’s due in the near term, of which a few will reportedly serve an “untapped metrosexual viewership.” These will likely include some portions of cooking, travel and fashion content, among others. Essentially speaking, the new structure and naming conventions are intended to go beyond what Spike TV already offers to the male audience.

It remains to be seen if this Esquire partnership works out for the involved parties, but as they say it’s going to be a case of dump the old stuff and load up on what’s new in this scenario. We’re going to be sure that we can keep you updated on this subject as it develops.

Source [The Hollywood Reporter]

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