There’s another Theatrhythm Final Fantasy game on the way

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I love Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. There’s no debating it. There’s no changing my mind. I just checked my 3DS and I’ve invested just over 38 hours in the game. That’s proof of my devotion. So naturally, after I discovered this new Theatrhythm Final Fantasy teaser website, I had to run and tell you all that something is up.

We’re getting another Theatrhythm Final Fantasy game!

The thing is, we don’t know the specifics about it. Square Enix is teasing us. It’s showing us a distinctive website with “theatrhythm” in the URL, but providing no helpful information.

Which means we have to start guessing! I’m thinking it’s too early for a sequel. I mean, it could be a sequel, but my gut’s saying no. A port is far more likely. Perhaps this is the precursor to a Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Ultimate Edition that would have enhanced graphics, more characters and additional songs. That seems like a safe bet.

From there, we have to guess platform. It has to be something with a touch screen. The safe bet would be iOS and Android devices, especially since Square Enix has an established presence on each. I’m not so sure though. The Vita’s proven it can handle music games well and Square Enix may want to tap into the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f market. I wouldn’t be surprised if this could be about a Vita version of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

Of course, there is another alternative. This could be about a Wii U port of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Think about it – the original used two screens on the 3DS, a port could use two screens with the Wii U’s TV and gamepad. It would be a good fit.

For now, we’ll wait and wonder. I’ll let you know when the site opens and the next Theatrhythm Final Fantasy news is revealed.

Site [Theatrhythm Final Fantasy teaser site (Japanese)]

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