Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour arrives on Android for $6.99

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On Monday evening, Gameloft released the latest entry in one of its biggest series. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour can be downloaded from Google Play right now for $6.99. That price is enough to turn some people off, but Gameloft sinks a lot of production values into its Modern Combat games. When you throw in a full multiplayer mode, $6.99 becomes a perfectly reasonable price.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour differs from other games in the series because it’s the first to be powered by the Havok Engine. Havok has been used in recent games such as Far Cry 3 and Saints Row: The Third. That doesn’t mean MC4 will look as good as those games, but the physics should ring familiar.

Modern Combat 4 is a 1.9GB file, so free some space on your device before getting started.

Google Play Link [Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour]

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