The Homebrew Channel is running on Wii Us

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Have a Wii U? You can hack it. Not that we endorse that kind of thing, mind you. Doing that is a sure way to instantly void your warranty, but thanks to those diligent hackers, it is now possible. They haven’t got it running during the Wii U mode, but it will work on the Wii U when it is in the virtual Wii mode. It’s a good step in the right direction.

Getting The Homebrew Channel running isn’t terribly difficult. People just need to visit HackMii and download the 4.2MB HackMii version 1.2 Homebrew Channel installer. You can then turn to the WiiBrew wiki for installation instructions. Be advised that if you want to get it installed, you have to have the right official copy of a certain Wii game and its save file and some of the Wii games that work with getting The Homebrew Channel on a Wii don’t offer the same exploit on the Wii U.

You’re probably wondering why someone would want to have The Homebrew Channel on a Wii or Wii U. Well, there are some apps people have made to make the system more versatile. For example, there was one app that allowed the Wii to play DVDs. I know from my Animal Crossing: City Folk days that I’d sometimes visit towns of people who had cheat programs on their Wii thanks to The Homebrew Channel that gave them access to loads of neat items and back-up their save files. Probably the best homebrew app was Gecko OS, which made the Wii region-free so people could play games from different regions on any Wii.

So there you go – the Wii U has been cracked. Odds are this will be temporary until the next Nintendo firmware update, so I guess people who are interested in this should enjoy it while it lasts.

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