Angry Birds movie arrives in theaters in 2016

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Will you still care about Angry Birds four years from now?

I’d say the safe bet would be no, but then I’m a terrible judge of fad longevity. I thought the Angry Birds would have faded into obscurity in 2011, trumped by the Toaster Cats, which I was hoping would be the next big thing. It’s still clinging on. This means the Angry Birds movie is still a thing and will be released in 2016, whether we’re still interested or not.

Yes, the project is moving forward, under the direction of new executive producer David Maisel and producer John Cohen. Rovio will be completely producing and financing the movie with the help of these professionals, whose credits include Iron Man, Despicable Me and Hop. Maisel worked on the first one and Cohen on the later two, if you weren’t aware. A director for the project hasn’t been named and we don’t know who’s writing it.

You know, now that I think about it, I really want a Toaster Cats game. Think about it – bread kitties climb into toasters and you have to tap your smartphone to grab the pieces as they fly out. You can’t let them fall to the floor though, or the Insatiable Puppies will eat them. Wait, that’s a bit morbid and I can’t tell if that makes my game premise better, or worse…

Anyways, we’re talking about Angry Birds! You’ll see the movie based on them in 2016. It’ll probably be in theaters, unless nobody cares about them by then. In that case, it’ll be direct to DVD.

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