Mad Catz’s Street Fighter X Sanrio Xbox 360 and iOS accessories kick butt

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In case you hadn’t heard, Street Fighter X Sanrio is a thing. It started at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con with Hello Kitty dressed as Chun-Li, and has exploded into a full-blown product line to celebrate the Street Fighter series’ 25th anniversary. At first it seemed the promotion would be limited to apparel and toys, but now Mad Catz has stepped in to add Xbox 360 and iOS Street Fighter X Sanrio goodness to the mix.

The biggest and most expensive of these cross-over items is now the Street Fighter X Sanrio Arcade FightStick Pro. It’s an Xbox 360 controller adorned with Sanrio characters dressed as Street Fighter… fighters. Hello Kitty is Chun-Li, Badtz Maru is Ryu, Pochacco is Ken, Keroppi is Blanka, My Melody is Cammy, Purin is Zangief, Kuromi is M. Bison, the penguin’s E. Honda, the kappa is Guile and the monkey is Dhalsim. You get the whole cast on your joystick in their cutest form ever. Of course, you’ll pay for it too, as the Street Fighter X Sanrio FightStick Pro is $159.99. Granted, that’s the normal price for any Mad Catz FightStick Pro and this is a limited edition model. It really isn’t that bad, all things considered.

Those wishing to share their Street Fighter X Sanrio without emptying their bank account can do so with a simple, tasteful, iPhone 5 or iPad 2/3 case. Each are available in either Hello Kitty X Chun-Li or Hello Kitty X Ryu styles. The iPhone case is the cheaper of the two, at $34.99, with the iPad case being $44.99. Both these cases and the FightStick are immediately available in the GameShark Store.

If you need some extra Street Fighter X Sanrio goodies, head to the source. Sanrio has an assortment of shirts and bags featuring their characters in costume. It’s too late to order some as Hanukkah gifts, but orders could probably still arrive in time for Christmas!

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