Space Hulk isn’t just for tables anymore

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Games Workshop (GW) easily makes the coolest-looking tabletop miniatures games, and when they venture into boardgames, they set the bar pretty high as well. One of their standout boardgames was Space Hulk, already out of print  (last edition was in 2009) despite being considered a classic–the game components were just too expensive to make. Space Hulk is basically a dungeon crawl in a sci-fi setting (a la Alien), with a team of variously equipped marines clearing out a dead space ship infested with extraordinarily vicious alien monsters, called Tyranids. It’s an intense, bloody game that made for some good solitaire play. Naturally, it’s set in the Warhammer 40k universe, so there’s lots of carryover between this game and GW’s miniatures game.

Thanks to a recent deal between Games Workshop and software developer Full Control, gamers won’t have to shell out triple digits to get the game from an out-of-print specialist or eBay and clear off the kitchen table if they’re itching for some Tyranid smackdown. Full Control now has the license to make Space Hulk Windows, Mac and iOS games.

I have to admit, with the ink barely dried on the license agreement and New Year’s just around the corner, I’m a little worried that Full Control says they’ll get the games cranked out by 2013, but with all the game rules and structure in place, I guess it shouldn’t take all that long to port the game to electronic platforms…if they don’t muck around with the rules too much.

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