THQ gives away Metro 2033 on Facebook

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THQ has been going nuts with all the games it’s giving away. The Humble THQ Bundle already offers a ton of value for under $6, but we’ve been presented with an even cheaper way to get Metro 2033. From now until December 16, THQ is giving away Steam keys for Metro 2033 to everyone that “likes” the Metro Facebook page. THQ doesn’t have an infinite number of codes to give away, so grab one while you still can.

THQ needs to get as much publicity as it can these days. The company is in a dire financial situation, and is depending on its core franchises to get it out of its rut. By soliciting “likes” on Facebook, THQ can directly update fans with news and teasers about Metro: Last Light. With any luck, the Facebook fans will get excited enough to buy Metro: Last Light when it releases.

Source [Metro Facebook Page]

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