Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour returns Google Play after experiencing download issues

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On Monday, Gameloft released Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour for Android. Many players were able to download the game and start playing, but it was eventually pulled from Google Play. When asked about the situation by Pocket Gamer, Gameloft responded with, “Until the download conditions are back to normal we have decided to temporarily deactivate Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour from Google Play.” Gameloft must have everything nearly sorted out because the product page for Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour has returned.

At the time of this writing (3:24pm Eastern) Google Play shows the game is not compatible with any of my devices. This kind of thing has a tendency to happen shortly after a new game is released or re-released. It shouldn’t take long for device compatibility to be restored.

Gameloft also offered some tips for anyone who is having issues downloading Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. Your options are to wait between 60 and 90 minutes for the game to finish downloading, and/or clear the data and cache from the Google Play app on your device.

Google Play Link [Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour]

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