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Team Fortress 2 meets Minecraft. That’s likely to be the first thing you’ll hear when someone describes Ace of Spades. Ace of Spades is a new multiplayer shooter from Jagex. This game has been in the public eye for awhile now. There are many YouTube videos that show how players turned this game into an episodic experience. This is made possible by the highly customizable maps that are limited by your own imagination and skill. We got some time in with Ace of Spades prior to its December 12 release, and now it’s time to share our experience with you.

Diamonds Are Forever

My introduction in this voxel-powered world began in a gameplay mode called Diamond Mine. I felt this mode was the best for introducing the Minecraft-like mechanics this game offers. The objective of Diamond Mine is to find as many diamonds on the map as possible. Once you find a diamond, you have to drop it off at a designated area to score points for your team. Here’s the catch – the diamonds can be anywhere. You have to switch to your trusty shovel to mine any and everything in the environment. Want to dig a hole and make an elaborate tunnel system? Go ahead. Want to destroy a mountain in search of diamonds? That’s fine too. That’s the whole point of this mode. However, once the diamonds have been uncovered, they become a highly-contested item. Anyone can pick up and claim a diamond regardless of who discovered it first. In the game I played, one small portion of the map was dedicated to constantly fighting over a couple diamonds. It was fast, competitive and quite fun. Of course, how much fun you will have depends on how well you can play with the four character classes in Ace of Spades.

Meet The Cast

The four classes in Ace of Spades are the Commando, Marksman, Rocketeer and Miner. Each of them specializes in techniques that makes them unique. The Commando for example wields a minigun by default and packs a lot of ammunition. The Marksman plays the role as sniper. The Rocketeer could become a fan favorite due to his jetpack that allows him to quickly reach higher ground. And finally, we have the Miner. The Miner is the go-to guy for, well, mining. I didn’t spend a lot of time with the Miner, but the impression I got of him was that he’s not meant for constant combat. He’s the guy you want creating structures and trenches in gameplay modes such as Occupation that require you to defend your base. If you have a lot of experience creating complex structures in Minecraft, this is probably the class for you. However, every class can create structures by using the constructs that’s available to them. Who knows, maybe you can create something like this.

Forget Crafting, Let’s Shoot Stuff

So let’s say you don’t care about crafting and creation. That’s fine because Ace of Spades can’t be what it is without competitive deathmatches. Everything about the shooting felt pretty standard for me. The mouse and keyboard controls are laid out in exactly the same way as many first-person shooters. I liked how the game gives a block-crushing sound effect whenever one of your bullets connects. I can’t speak for how shooting will feel in the long term, but I was pleased with my preview experience.

Is It For You?

In my time with Ace of Spades, I learned that you don’t have to know about or even like Minecraft to appreciate it. You do have to appreciate the art style. Everything is blocky and LEGO-esque in design. The soundtrack also comprised of delightful 8-bit tracks. It’s a nice change of pace that’s very welcome.

I wish I could have dug deeper into Ace of Spades, but my time with the preview build was limited. I’m itching to try out the zombie mode that pits the undead against survivors. You’ll be able to do the same once you spend $9.99 for Ace of Spades on Steam.

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