Jump Ultimate Stars successor Project Versus J is a PS3 and Vita exclusive

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One of the best mash-up brawlers is getting a sequel. No, Nintendo hasn’t revealed more information about the next Smash Bros. and Sony hasn’t said anything about a bigger and better PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale 2. It’s the Jump Stars series, which featured the great Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars for the DS. The fighting game is getting an upgrade. it’s moving to 3D and leaping over to the PS3 and PS Vita as the currently dubbed Project Versus J.

From what’s been revealed in Shonen Jump magazine so far, Project Versus J will be very similar to the previous Jump fighting games, but also slightly different. Like the original games, it will feature a huge cast of characters from Shonen Jump series like One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, Toriko and more. It will also have a team-battle mechanic like the previous game, where players will pick a group of characters before matches and switch between them on the fly during a fight. However, it looks as though the platforming element has been removed, as has the ingenious manga panel presentation in favor of making it a more straightforward 3D fighter.

I know 3DS owners are likely disappointed by this news since this was previously a DS/Nintendo series, but cheer up! Project Versus J coming to the PS3 and Vita is good news. Both systems are region-free! That means you can import it and enjoy it anywhere. That’s important, because there’s no way this is getting localized. It suffers from the same problem Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars had – they were too awesome. Too many manga and anime characters appear in these kinds of fighters, which makes them a licensing nightmare outside of Japan.

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