No more paying for The Secret World… unless you want to

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There’s good news for everyone who’s been eying up The Secret World since its August 8, 2012 release, but holding back because it was $29.99 with a $15 per month subscription. Funcom came to its senses! That $15 per month fee is now optional. People can get into The Secret World and enjoy it’s basic goodness with only a $30 investment. It’s always a good day when a promising MMO goes free-to-play.

I guess Funcom looked at the sales figures and realized it could do a lot better if it went to a freemium play model. Here’s what happens now if you want to get into The Secret World. You pay $29.99 and make an account. That’s it. Do that and you’re completely set and ready to join the Dragon, Illuminati or Templar and start investigating supernatural occurances and contributing to conspiracies. There’s also a special offer for December 2012 where people who buy the game get a $14.99 Initiate Pack that includes a pet, an outfit and some weapons for free. The pet, by the way, is a bloody raven which is all kinds of cool.

People who have been subscribing all this time aren’t being forgotten. Their commitment is being honored. Grand Master Lifetime members who henceforth get a 20% discount in the cash shop, 1,200 bonus points, a Time Accelerator item and an unknown free gift. People who already paid their subscription fees per the month get everything the Grand Master Lifetime member does, minus the 20% discount.

While now Funcom will mainly be relying on The Secret World cash shop purchases, it will still sell subscriptions. People who still want to pay $15 per month will get a special bonus each month. They’ll get 1,200 bonus points to use in the cash shop each month, a Time Accelerator you can use every 16 hours to double your EXP for one hour, a 10% cash shop discount and one free gift each month.

The official The Secret World site is reflecting the free-to-play move already, but Steam isn’t. If you’re planning to purchase it there, give them a day or so to adjust the listing to reflect the change. No sense giving Funcom your credit card information if you don’t have to!

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