GREE experiments with social RPGs with Knights & Dragons: Rise of the Dark Prince

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GREE launched a new free-to-play game for iOS today called Knights & Dragons: Rise of the Dark Prince. Knights & Dragons is another entry into the very popular town-building simulator space that has proven to be quite lucrative on mobile platforms. However, GREE decided to give Knights & Dragons a little more depth than many other games in this genre. This game utilizes RPG elements as well as cooperative and competitive multiplayer features to complete various tasks.

GamerTell was given an advanced preview of Knights & Dragons earlier this week. One of the first things I noticed about this game was the large amount of text dialogue it includes. This helps to give Knights & Dragons a deeper story than similar games. In fact, I was able to create my character using basic customization options. These options are limited to skin tone, gender, hair color and eye color. Your character takes on the role of knight commander, and is tasked with building up the kingdom, rounding up fellow knights and repelling an invasion of monsters brought forth by the Dark Prince. Before you can actually save the kingdom, you’re going to have to build it up.

The buildings you create in Knights & Dragons are useful for earning you a steady stream of income and places to enhance your equipment. For example, placing an armorsmith will allow you to create different sets of armor. A fusion master is able to take armor and either enhance it, or combine armor sets together to create a new set. Like many RPGs, it’s very important to have the best armor possible when going up against enemies.

Let’s talk about combat. Battles in Knights & Dragons is mostly automated and one on one. Each enemy stands in a line and waits for their turn to be slayed. The only input you have is selecting a special attack that builds up over time. You’re primarily responsible for making sure you’re equipped with the best armor for the situation. For example, enemies in one area may be strong against water. Therefore, you should equip a set of armor that is strong against water. Armor crafting requires specific materials, so you may to do some grinding to get what you really want.

PVP is another big feature of this game. The PVP battles carry out just like regular battles. You’ll compete with other players in the arena for money and prizes. Battles aren’t fought in real-time, but you’ll get an in-game notice if someone fought and defeated you while you were away. Gree really pushes the PVP aspect of this game. Whenever your health gets too low from fighting monsters, it’s recommended you fight in the arena while waiting for your health to restore. Alternatively, you can use gems to restore your health instantly. Gems are also a premium currency that you can buy with real money.

This is a solid effort by GREE. It’s nice to see simulation games move beyond just building things and waiting. Granted that’s still present in this game, but the quest battles, PVP system and armor crafting help to spice things up.

iTunes Link [Knights & Dragons: Rise of the Dark Prince]

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