Wait, Toys “R” Us and Ubisoft made a game together?

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I think this is a candidate for strangest story of the day. It turns out Toys “R” Us worked with Ubisoft to create a social game for Facebook called Toys “R” Us Towers. As the name and accompanying screenshot applies, it’s very similar to Tiny Tower. The goal in this game is to run your Toys “R” Us store by building and maintaining departments, hiring employees and maximizing your customer base.

To keep things rolling, Toys “R” Us Towers offers objectives for you to complete. The objectives include things such as building a certain number of departments, fixing burnt out lightbulbs and making a certain amount of money. You’re rewarded with coins that can be used to unlock more departments. Naturally, there are some departments that can only be purchased with premium currency.

One thing I can say is somewhat interesting about this game is the ability to earn coupons that can be used at a real Toys “R” Us store. The first reward I saw was for 15% a purchase. I’m guessing the more you play, the better the coupons get.

If Facebook games aren’t your thing, Toys “R” Us Towers will also be coming to iOS and Android in the near future.

Facebook Link [Toys “R” Us Towers]

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