Unchipped – 8-Bit Music Reborn Kickstarter offers new take on NES music

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We see a lot of video game Kickstarter projects. People want to make new games, need the money and so far people have been pretty good about opening their wallets to help them. It isn’t often, however, that we see a video game music project. Brad Tratzinski just launched one on December 10, 2012 called Unchipped – 8-Bit Music Reborn that will take original NES themes and remake them for a tribute album. They’re still chiptune classics, but with modern technology and no fancy mixing or attempting to make them cross-over into different genres.

The Unchipped – 8-Bit Music Reborn Kickstarter page has a video that offers a few examples of Tratzinski’s work. You can hear updated samples of themes from Kid Icarus, Solomon’s Key, The Immortal, Legacy of the Wizard, Rygar and Zelda II. Visiting the official website reveals samples for 8 Eyes, Ghosts ‘N Goblins and Faxanadu. Put that together, and the current soundtrack for Unchipped – 8-Bit Music Reborn comes to nine so far. The actual number of tracks on the album will be larger, of course, and if someone pledges $150 or $300 to this Kickstarter they can choose two NES game tracks to be “unchipped.”

Some people may be wondering why Tratzinski need money for a tribute album? I suppose he doesn’t, really. That’s because the money you’re providing is used to provide fine-tuning for the music and make the promotional pledge rewards. However, if $6,000 dollars can be released, Unchipped – 8-Bit Music Reborn will become a double CD. People who pledge $15 or more are guaranteed a digital download of the album, while people who pledge $25 or more also get a CD.

I’ve reached out to Tratzinski for comment on the Unchipped – 8-Bit Music Reborn KickStarter to find out is the album will still be made if the KickStarter fails, get a release date estimate and find out if it will be free or cost a certain amount of money since there seems to be conflicting information on the page. In a question in the FAQ asking about copyright issues, Tratzinski says that he’s releasing promotional goods and won’t be selling any items, but the downloads of the album are listed as pledge rewards for tiers above $15. That seems odd to me, seeing as how you’d expect a tribute album from someone not selling anything would be freely distributed.

Site [Unchipped – 8-Bit Music Reborn on Kickstarter] Site [Unchipped – 8-Bit Music Reborn]

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