Humble THQ Bundle earns over $5 million, THQ president donated the most cash

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The Humble THQ Bundle has come to an end. When everything was said and done, 885,265 bundles were told. The endeavor brought in $5,097,264.73 with an average price of $5.76. For that price, THQ gave away nine games, five soundtracks and one helping of downloadable content. 

The biggest single contributor was non other than THQ president Jason Rubin. He donated $10,000 to the cause. THQ CEO Brian Farrell was the fourth highest contributor by giving $1,650. The funds from the bundle were split between THQ, Child’s Play, American Red Cross and the people behind the Humble Bundle. We don’t know exactly how much money was split between the four organizations.

We hope you got in on the bundle while the getting was good. You can be sure that we’ll let you know when the next Humble Bundle rolls around.

Source [Humble Bundle]

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