Manage a group of superheroes in Middle Manager of Justice

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Double Fine purposefully released Middle Manager of Justice today for iOS. I say purposefully because the game was prematurely released in September. Now that everything is on the up and up, you can take this opportunity to hire, motivate and delegate responsibility to a band of superheroes. 

The superheroes you hire aren’t very self-sufficient. You have to tell them what to do all the time. They can spend their time training to increase their stats, resting to restore health, studying with the manager to increase their intelligence or taking to the streets to beat up bad guys.

The combat is automated for the most part. Your heroes will use basic attacks by default. They also have special powers that can be used once they charge up. The manager also has buffs that can be used to aid the heroes.

When you’re not fighting, you’ll have to spruce up the workspace by creating and upgrading rooms. The more you level up, the more items and rooms you’ll be able to buy.

Middle Manager of Justice utilizes in-game purchases to sell you more coins and Superium. Superium is used to speed up tasks that can’t be completely instantly. We’ve all seen this monetization method used before. You know what to expect from this.

It’s a charming game though. It wouldn’t hurt to take it for a spin.

iTunes Link [Middle Manager of Justice]

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