ePawn receives a €1 million investment to further ePawn Arena development

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Almost a year ago, we got our first in-person look at the ePawn Arena. This device is a 26-inch touchscreen that is used to play games using with physical objects. Think of it as a new way to play interactive board games, card games and anything else app developers can think of. We hadn’t heard anything from ePawn in the months following CES 2012, but we’ve just gotten word that ePawn just got an injection of funds to the tune of €1 million from Elaia Partners.

This investment means there are people out there that believe ePawn Arena can become a financial success. There aren’t too many (if any) products currently available that offers what ePawn Arena proposes. Sure the iPad could technically be used as a surface for games, but it’s still too small to accommodate several physical objects at once. However, iOS devices will be used to run the games on the ePawn Arena, so it’s not like the two products are in competition with each other.

Should the ePawn Arena sell for between $300 and $400, it can be a swell multi-purpose touchscreen device.

Source [ePawn]

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