Play AdventureQuest Worlds to keep the world from ending on December 21, 2012

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The urban legend says that when the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, the world will end, but AdventureQuest Worlds is going to do everything possible to make sure that doesn’t happen. Sure, it could be kind of a scary day, but we all need to be strong. Of course, people playing AdventureQuest Worlds will have to be stronger than others, because 12/21/12 (Oh, I like how that looks) is the day Kezeroth the World Ender appears.

See, while we’re perfectly safe here in the real world, your avatars in AdventureQuest Worlds could be in danger. Kezeroth is a pretty bad guy. Especially since he’s not alone. He’s invading AdventureQuest Worlds with his legions of Chronocorruptors, Chrono mancers and TimeKillers. Fortunately, people have been preparing for this kind of attack for weeks, months and maybe even years.

AdventureQuest Worlds players will have to step things up on 12/21/12. That’s when the Kezeroth the World Ending event will happen. We don’t have an exact time yet from Artix Entertainment, but I’ll update the story and let you know when we do. What is known is that upgraded AdventureQuest Worlds members, the people who actually pay to play and even subscribe, will really want to participate in this event. They’ll get extra goodies for fighting Kezeroth and his legions. More swag is always a good thing. Don’t feel too left out if you aren’t an upgraded member, as you’ll still get something special for fighting against the end of the (virtual) world.

Actually, December’s going to be a pretty big month for AdventureQuest Worlds. The Span Saga’s ending is coming up, with the boss battle against Chaos Lord Iadoa and Chaos Beast Kathoo available. Quibble Coinbiter the merchant appeared the first week of December. Not to mention Kezeroth the World Ender was first mentioned and appeared on 12/12/12! Then, after all this Kezeroth business is done, the AdventureQuest Worlds holiday events will likely begin. You better make sure you have your computer nearby around Christmas!

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