Kairosoft localizes The Pyraplex for North America

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Back in late November, Kairosoft released a game involving building a community around pyramids. Everything was in Japanese, so we couldn’t figure out exact details about it. However, the English translation for The Pyraplex has been released in Google Play for $4.99.

You can expect the same commerce-heavy gameplay that has been present in the majority of Kairosoft games. The difference this time around is the setting. You’ll be hanging out in the desert and building upon a pyramid. Inside that pyramid are shops and attractions to catch the eye of travelers. Eventually, you’ll be able to open up trade agreements with other cultures that will improve your pyramid.

The Pyraplex reminds me of Tiny Tower because the pyramid continues to grow as you add more things to it. When you combine that with the naturally enticing nature of Kairosoft games, you’ll end up with one heck of a time sink.

Google Play Link [The Pyraplex]

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