Unchained Blades comes to the 3DS 6 months after the PSP

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Hey, remember Unchained Blades? It was a first person dungeon-crawling RPG with turn-based battles and a whole bunch of heroes and heroines that looked like humans, but were really mythical creatures. It was kinda neat and scheduled to appear on the PSP and 3DS. Well, the PSP version came out in July 2012 and we enjoyed it, but there was no sign of the 3DS counterpart. Don’t fret. It’s still coming. In fact, it now has a release date of January 3, 2013.

I can see you doing the math now. Yes, that’s six months after the Unchained Blades PSP release. Yes, it will be an eShop exclusive. Yes, it will be $29.99, the same price as the PSP. In fact, the only real difference is the bottom screen, which shows the party members in battle or in town and the dungeon maps in dungeons. No reason for the delay has been offered.

Unchained Blades takes place in a world where a goddess named Clunea rules all. If people manage to reach her, she’ll grant their wish. Fang, the Dragon Emperor, reaches her and asks to fight the most powerful person in the world to prove his might. However, he’s a real jerk when he does it and pretty much demands. So Clunea punishes him by sending him back to his child from (a human-looking character) and he sets off to reach her again to get revenge. Along the way, he’s joined by other mythical creatures that also want to ask Clunea for something.

In case you forgot what GamerTell thought of Unchained Blades, we were mostly happy with it. It had some issues, but if you need a dungeon crawler it’ll do. Besides, the character art is so pretty!

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