Hey you, go download Street Fighter X Mega Man right now

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As promised, the Street Fighter and Mega Man mashup known as Street Fighter X Mega Man is now available to download for PC from Capcom. This free download plays like a classic Mega Man game, but it replaces typical robot bosses with Street Fighter characters. Mega Man will still earn the powers of every boss he defeats.

Since the game is old school to the core, it is packaged in a very small file. However, demand for Street Fighter X Mega Man has been pretty intense this morning. It’s not easy getting into the Capcom Unity website to start the download. Even if you do get in, there’s a good chance you’ll run into an error after selecting your download region. Users who have made comments on the download page for Street Fighter X Mega Man are also complaining of slow download speeds and stalled downloads.

There are other sources where you can download Street Fighter X Mega Man, but Capcom would like everyone to download directly from them so it can track download numbers.

Source [Capcom Unity]

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