Dollar General now sells Xbox Live codes on printed receipts

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You can now head into your local Dollar General store to purchase Xbox Live Gold memberships and Microsoft Points at the register. This doesn’t mean those things will be sold for a dollar, but it does mean Dollar General will not be dealing in physical Xbox Live prepaid cards like other outlets. Instead, cashiers will be able to scan a barcode for Microsoft Points and Xbox Live Gold memberships. Once the transaction is complete, the code to redeem the points or membership will be printed on the receipt. 

Since Dollar General is not relying on prepaid cards, the stores never have to worry about selling out of digital currency for Xbox Live. It also helps cut down on the plastic waste that accumulates from the many Xbox Live cards that get thrown away after they’re used.

Dollar General may seem like a strange place to buy Microsoft Points, but the company makes a good deal of money. Dollar General’s third-quarter 2012 sales and earnings report states the company’s net income was $208 million during the 13-week period that ended on November 2. Dollar General reported higher sales and operating profit as well.

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  • bennie

    what if i lost receipt and never redeemed code but i still have the card they scanned

  • shannon

    My sons dad bought him a 3mo card as well. He mailed the card to us, but lost the receipt.. Are we just basically screwed out the money?

  • Libby

    What was the answer to this? I have this same problem and have found the question asked numerous times but no answers. Did I just lose my money :(

  • Calvin Collisin

    I have my recite, but I can’t read it so I can reassess my xbox live account. What can I do? Our store only goes back 14 days in the system and I got it a month ago.

  • Kathy Dimery

    Lost the receipt and don’t have the digital code to enter the xbox