Nothing beats consoles for Christmas

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Video games always make great presents, but nothing beats getting consoles for Christmas. As part of GamerTell’s holiday festivities, I decided to share my best Christmas gaming experiences. Ah, Christmas memories!

I was born in 1983, so I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s when gaming systems started to really boom. The first system I ever had was ColecoVision. I was really young, so I had no idea how to play any of the games except for one starring Strawberry Shortcake. When the Nintendo Entertainment System came out in the mid eighties, I used to see commercials and think how awesome it looked (even at 5 years old I had taste in gaming). When it came to Christmas and presents, I was always a bit of a snooper because I just couldn’t handle the pressure of waiting for Christmas day.

Well, Christmas 1988 was an especially snoopy year for me, and my parents hadn’t gotten good at hiding things yet, so I found my best Christmas present ever! It was several days before Christmas and I was “looking for something” in the dining room when I noticed a big blue unwrapped box in the corner where me and my brother Eric used to hide stuff. I went closer and saw it was the not only an NES, but it was the special bundle pack that came with the Power Pad and World Class Track Meet. Not being the patient type, I immediately yelled out “ Whoa what is this?!” Mom and dad came over, slightly mad that I was snooping and slightly mad that they hadn’t hid it better, and said “Oh no you found it!”

Needless to say, they let me and Eric hook it up that night. I remember being mad because my mom made me take a bath first before I could play. However, I was so excited when my brother ran into the bathroom to say, “I just beat level one of Super Mario Bros!”

Many years later when I was a about 13, the N64 and PlayStation came out. Me and Eric were fighting over which system we wanted for Christmas since they both cost like $300 at the time. I wanted the N64 and he wanted the PlayStation. We couldn’t be swayed at the time. My mom said we would just have to be surprised as to which one we got.

On Christmas morning, we were opening presents and Eric opened up one of his games that turned out to be Final Fantasy 7. So I thought, “Oh I guess mom went with the PlayStation” and felt a bit crestfallen (keep in mind that I didn’t realize how awesome FF7 was at the time or I might have been less upset). Suddenly, mom said, “Now open your big gift Jessi!” Confused, I went and grabbed the biggest gift, and ripped it open to reveal a N64! She had gotten us both systems! She later confessed that she couldn’t decide which one to get and knew one of us would be disappointed, so she bought both. Yes my mom is the most awesome mom EVER!

So those are my two best holiday video game memories! In case you’re wondering, I just got the Super Mario 64 game that came with the system and I played the HECK out of that! I also watched my brother play FF7 for awhile and decided I had to play it too. I LOVED it until the memory card glitched and erased my save file after I beat the first disk but that’s a whole other story!


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  • Ivan

    I got an n64 lol it didn’t come with a game was one of the first consoles that did not. My mom was used to them coming with games. So it sat on Un boxed on the kitchen table for months untill we could aford Mario 64. My parents where so amazed by the 3d graphics they kept saying it was a video and there was no way I was controlling Mario lol.

  • Jessica Moen

    Haha that sucks but at least you got it eventually! I must have just gotten the game for xmas as well i forgot if it came with the system or not (it was so long ago lol)

    Yeah i remember those graphics being STATE OF THE ART!! now you look at them like “huh?” :)