Free The Walking Dead for everyone (with iOS devices)!

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Free games are awesome. Free games that you normally have to pay for are even more awesome. Free The Walking Dead Episode 1: A New Day is best of all, because that means you get to try the VGA 2012 Game of the Year! Telltale Games has decided to give the gift of zombies to everyone for Christmas this year. For a very limited time, supposedly less than one week, you can get the first episode of the five episode adventure game for $0.00 instead of $4.99 from iTunes.

Yes, this free The Walking Dead promotion is an iOS device exclusive, even though the game is also on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. It’s a minor tragedy, I know. Especially since The Walking Dead is a fantastic game that I feel transcends genres. Even if you don’t normally care for adventure games, it’s easy to be drawn into Lee and Clementine’s story.

Of course, this freebie doesn’t give people the entire game for free. Telltales free The Walking Dead promotion only imparts one part. The rest must be bought via in-app purchases if one episode isn’t enough. You can grab Episodes 2-5 separately for $4.99 each, or grab them all at once for $14.99. That’s a big investment, so I recommend playing The Walking Dead Episode 1: A New Day first. I tried it on the PS3 when the first two episodes were free for PlayStation Plus members. I greatly enjoyed it, though I think it would have been much easier and more enjoyable on a PC or iOS device.

And in case you’re wondering – no. The Walking Dead does not offer any Christmas-themed content. It’s not like Cave Story+ where if you play on Christmas, the entire game’s appearance changes to fit the holiday. You won’t see zombies dressed as Santa and elves. If you want that, go take part in some undead pub crawl. (That’s totally a real thing.)

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