Dokuro gets a contest and holiday price drop

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Know what’s an awesome game? Dokuro for the Vita. I love it. I love it so much that when I heard about it, I had to import it and review it for you lovely people. Then, when a localization was announced like a minute after I ordered, I still wasn’t disappointed. That’s because Dokuro was awesome, even if I had paid $29.99 for it on a cartridge while the rest of you got to pay $19.99 for a download a few weeks later. Though for now, $19.99 really isn’t accurate. Gungho Online Entertainment America is celebrating the holidays with a Dokuro contest and sale!

We’ll start with the sale announcement, because you actually need Dokuro to participate in the Dokuro: Speed Demon Challenge contest. When the PlayStation Store updates later today on December 18, 2012, Dokuro will go on sale. Its price will drop from $19.99 to $9.99, making the game even more attractive. That’s a fantastic price, considering the game has 147 levels and they only get longer and more challenging as time passes. On January 8, 2013, the price goes back up to $19.99.

Once you have Dokuro, you can try and prove you’re a Dokuro master with the Dokuro: Speed Demon Challenge. You see that screenshot at the top of the post? That’s the challenge. Gungho Online Entertainment America wants you to beat stage 4-7 in under 32 seconds before January 8, 2013. You then have to take a screenshot of your achievement. Press the home button and select at the same time on your Vita when that image is showing in Dokuro. Then, take the screenshot and either email it to or post it to the Facebook page I linked to earlier in this paragraph. The players with the top six times will get a color Dokuro drawing, a pencil Dokuro drawing, an autographed copy of the Japanese version of the game (don’t worry – it’s in English and Japanese), the soundtrack, a travel mug or a microfiber cloth.

Those who don’t win, or don’t enter at all, get this Dokuro Christmas wallpaper. Okay, I’m kidding – this was just the image included in the PR email. It’s adorable though, and the perfect size to use as a Vita wallpaper!

Site [Dokuro: Speed Demon Challenge on Facebook] Site [Dokuro]

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