Amazon Deal of the Day is the Instant Game Collection PS3 bundle

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There is such a great deal on Amazon today, you won’t believe it if you don’t see it. I swear, it’s true. Even though December 18, 2012 isn’t a video game Gold Box day, the Amazon Deal of the Day is a pretty great PS3 bundle deal. Granted, the $249.99 320GB Instant Game Collection PS3 bundle price isn’t as fantastic as the one offered on the 250GB PS3 bundles during Black Friday 2012, but considering what you’re getting, it’s an impressive offer.

The Amazon Deal of the Day PS3 bundle only takes $50 off the price, while the Black Friday 2012 deals knocked $100 off. This may make you groan, but take it back. That’s because this bundle is far more impressive. The bundle for Black Friday featured a 250GB model PS3 with copies of inFamous Collection and Uncharted Dual Pack, giving people five games and a system. The normal price on that is $299.99, but it’s going for $269 on Amazon now and was $199.99 on Black Friday.

To compare, the Amazon Deal of the Day bundle is $249.99, $50 off the normal price of $299.99. However, you get much more. The system itself is better, as it’s a 320GB model PS3. Which is very good, because people will need that with the included one year subscription to PlayStation Plus. See, PlayStation Plus is Sony’s service that gives people about eight free games per month – the Instant Game Collection. Hence the whole Instant Game Collection PS3 bundle name. As long as you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you have access to and can keep playing those free PS3 games. I’ve been a member for coming up on one year now and I’d say I’ve gotten at least 40 free PS3, PSOne and PS Vita games that I wanted.

Of course, I have a pitiful 80GB PS3, so I can’t really enjoy PlayStation Plus like I should. But you, or whoever you would buy this bundle for, would! With 320GB, you could download tons of free games and probably never have to do any deleting to free up space for at least four years!

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