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Knytt Underground is here. It’s just lurking under the surface. By tonight, it will have arisen and offered us the opportunity to journey beneath the earth with it. I strongly suggest you jump on that opportunity, even though it will cost you $14.99. Well, nothing if you’re a European PlayStation Plus member since it will be free at launch there, but still. It might be worth it.

How do I know? Because I played Knytt Stories for three years.

Let me explain. Knytt Stories is the precursor to Knytt Underground. It has a different heroine and different power-ups, but a similar presentation and gameplay. People guide the girl through different areas of a world, exploring everything there is to see while sometimes taking part in a story. Or not. The beauty of Knytt Stories is that it was quite moddable. While there were Nifflas included stories and levels, players were also given access to creation tools to make their own adventures. Fans even made a DS homebrew version of Knytt Stories. Hence the ability to play for years without getting bored.

I can’t say for sure that Knytt Underground will be the same. After all, we’re talking about the PS3 and Vita version right now and we don’t even know if there will be any modding or additional content eventually released. However, we do know that Knytt Underground has 1,800 subterranean rooms for our new heroine, Mi, to explore. It also has new power-ups, like the ability to transform into a bouncing ball or swing from ceilings, that were absent from Knytt Stories. As someone who spent so much time with not only Knytt Stories, but also Nifflas’ Saira and NightSky, I’m going to say Knytt Underground is worth the risk.

So, to review, Knytt Underground will be released today for the PS3 and Vita. It’s part of the whole cross-buy promotion, so if you buy it for one system for $14.99, you get it for both. Unless you’re in Europe, where the game comes out December 21, 2012, costs £9.99/€12.99 and will be free for European PlayStation Plus members. The Windows/Mac/Linux version is also on Steam Greenlight, if you’d rather pass on the PS3/Vita version and try and help the PC version get released on Steam.

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