Have yourself a merry WAKFU Kwismas

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Ho ho ho! Merry Kwismas! Yes, it’s time for everyone to have themselves a merry WAKFU Kwismas. That’s the name of the WAKFU holiday event that’s starting December 19, 2012. People who play can take a trip to the World of Kwismas by heading to Trool Fair and entering a snow globe. That’s when the magic happens.

Every WAKFU player, regardless of their level and whether they subscribe or are a free player, can take part in WAKFU Kwismas this year. Once they’re in the World of Kwismas, a flurry of adventures await them. Plenty of holiday activities await, as players can either visit Father Kwismas’s House or enter the Father Kwismas Lair for battles and a new quest line. They all involve new monsters to fight. There’s also a snowball fight PvP arena.

You’ll definitely want to take part in the WAKFU Kwismas event, because you can earn rewards, achievements and titles. The quest provides a “Throw a Snowball” emote that becomes a permanent part of your expressive arsenal. You’ll also get a Kwismas set of equipment, a 12 Haven-Bag decoration and Fairyworks. The five new titles are a nice touch as well, though I doubt people will go around proclaiming they’re Father Kwismas or Mother Kwismas outside of the event. I’m not sure how many people will go placing gifts under Kwismas trees, which open on Christmas Day, either.

Still, it’s always nice to spread a little holiday cheer in your favorite MMO, and it seems that Ankama and Square Enix are definitely doing that with WAKFU Kwismas. Rest assured that even if you’re busy all this week and next with family, friends and other obligations, WAKFU will wait for you. Kwismas lasts until January 11, 2012 there, so there will be plenty of time to celebrate in both the real and virtual worlds.

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