Gameloft throws a big iOS Holiday sale, Android users stare in envy

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These sales on smartphone and tablet games are really heating up. Telltale is currently throwing a massive holiday sale on its collection of iOS games, and now Gameloft is joining the fun. For a limited time, seven Gameloft games for iOS are on sale for $0.99. These aren’t the less-than-impressive Gameloft games either. Wild Blood happens to be among the lot.

The other games are Iron Man 2, The Dark Knight Rises, N.O.V.A. 3: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance, Order & Chaos Online, 9mm, and The Settlers. These aren’t Gameloft’s latest offerings, but they’re definitely not a bad buy for only $0.99.

Now I know the Android faithful out there are like, “What gives? Where’s our sale?!” Trust me, that’s what I thought too. Fear not, there may be something in store for Android users. Gameloft responded to this very question on its Twitter page by writing,”Stay tuned, we might have some holiday treats coming your way soon. ;-).”

So if you can, hold off on buying Gameloft titles for Android for now. It’ll be a shame for you to spend $6.99 for something that’s going to be a fraction of that price very soon.

Source [Gameloft]

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