[Video] Big Sky Infinity combines endless runners and Geometry Wars

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Listen up bullet hell fans. Boss Baddie recently made a PS3 and Vita version of Really Big Sky. But this time, they’ve renamed it to Big Sky Infinity. Big Sky Infinity was released last week on the PlayStation Network for $9.99. It’s a part of Sony’s cross game promotion which gives you copies of PS3 and Vita versions of certain games for a single price. The value is certainly there, but is it worth the investment? Hopefully our video will help you decide. 

I like to describe Big Sky Infinity as being a combination of endless runner games and Geometry Wars. The goal of the game’s “Classic” mode is to survive as long as you can with a single life. The longer you live, you’ll encounter more bosses, enemies and stage altering effects.You’ll also be able to upgrade your ship by spending the Starbits you collect during each run. The Geometry Wars comparison is based on the assortment of neon colors and gameplay modes that are available.

In our video, we go through an assortment of modes such as Hell, Nightmare and Boss Rush. Each one is challenging in their own way. Check it out won’t you?

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