Watch Nintendo TVii Christmas morning

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So, what are you doing tomorrow? Because I was thinking, with your new Wii U and all, you may want to have a little sit down and watch some Nintendo TVii. Oh, you’re not officially “getting” your Wii U until Christmas? Well, don’t worry. Nintendo TVii will be waiting for you. The free service that lets you watch all of your media from any provider will officially launch alongside all the other, latest Nintendo downloads on December 20, 2012.

Nintendo TVii is actually a neat, free service. It works with everything – cable providers, satellite TV companies, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus and more. Once you have Nintendo TVii set up, it will show you everything you could possibly watch in one app. You won’t have to grab the remote to see what’s on TV thanks to cable or the dish, or switch between the various media apps you have on the Wii. Everything shows up in Nintendo TVii for users to puruse.

Apparently, all the cable and satellite companies in the United States and Canada are already on board. Once Nintendo TVii shows up tomorrow, it’ll work with providers like Charter, Comcast, DIRECTV and more. People will just have to download the app from the Wii U eShop, go through a brief set-up that allows it to access channels, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus and then everything can be controlled via the Gamepad. People can even start recommending and commenting on the things they watch via Miiverse or social networking sites via the Wii U.

The only downside is, Nintendo TVii isn’t fully integrated with all media providers yet. It doesn’t work with Netflix or TiVo at the moment. It will eventually, but that aspect of the service isn’t quite ready yet. Nintendo also doesn’t have a set date as to when it will be ready. It says early 2013 though, so hopefully Nintendo TVii will be playing nice with Netflix and TiVo by March.

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