Download the wonderful Street Fighter X Mega Man soundtrack

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Capcom released Street Fighter X Mega Man a couple days ago as a free download for PC. If you’ve actually been able to successfully download and run the game, you’ve probably come to really appreciate the soundtrack. Most of the songs are based on Street Fighter character stages, but they have been given an 8-bit chiptune Mega Man twist. You can now listen to those songs whenever you want thanks to a new compilation created by A_Rival.

The Street Fighter X Mega Man OST is available to download on Band Camp. It contains 22 songs that typically last between one and two and a half minutes. You can pay whatever you want for the soundtrack, but you can also get it for free in a variety of formats including MP3 320.

If you haven’t played Street Fighter X Mega Man, Capcom is now a reliable source for downloading the game. It’s a 33.8MB file. Capcom previously asked players to not download the game from third-parties because it wanted to accurately track the number of downloads the game receives.

Source [Band Camp]

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