This is how BioShock Infinite starts

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Big news today, as we get to see the beginning of BioShock Infinite! Which I guess could be seen as a good thing or a bad thing. The good is, we get to see the first five and a half minutes of Irrational Games’ new hotness. The bad is, BioShock Infinite won’t be released until March 26, 2013 so seeing almost six minutes of footage could get people overly excited about a game that won’t be out for another three months.

Aw, screw it. Let’s go ahead and watch some BioShock Infinite!

Oh, but wait, there will be spoilers. Minor spoilers, naturally, since we’re only going to see probably 1/140th-1/180th of BioShock Infinite, but still. Some people like to go into games fresh.

So be advised, there will be spoilers if you keep going and watch this BioShock Infinite video. I’m going to embed it right here and we’ll watch. Then, afterwards, I’ll tell you how spoilerific it is. If it isn’t that bad, you should probably go ahead and watch.

I’d say it isn’t terribly spoilerific. We see Booker arrive at a lighthouse and prepare for his trip to Columbia. I’d say you could safely watch it without being terribly spoiled for anything that happens in BioShock Infinite, seeing as how we don’t even get to see anything aside from the ocean and a lighthouse.

Anyways, we have a while to wait for BioShock Infinite. That means you have plenty of time to get pre-orders in to make sure you get the version you want. There’s the $59.99 standard edition, the $79.99 premium edition and the this-is-freaking-huge Ultimate Songbird edition for $149.99. If you want that last one, order now. Amazon already sold out and I’m sure other sites either don’t have it or have a limited supply left.

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