Dead or Alive 5 Plus offers cross-platform play and Touch Play

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Dead or Alive 5 Plus is coming to the Vita really soon. By March 19, 2013, fighting fans, or people who just like seeing really scantily clad women, will be putting down $39.99 to see what Dead or Alive 5 looks like on the go. Fortunately, that “plus” in the title isn’t just for show. Team Ninja has put quite a few Vita exclusives in to make the game more attractive, like Touch Play Mode and Training Plus Mode.

I’m really not sure what to say about the Touch Play Mode, of which there are two. In each, you hold the Vita vertically. In Touch Play Mode 1, you touch parts of your opponent’s body to attack him or her. In Mode 2, you have to be more strategic as you don’t just touch, you also have to swipe and pinch to unleash different kinds of attacks. Part of me wants to say it’s a really cool approach to a fighting game. Then I remember what all the women of Dead or Alive 5 Plus look like and how they’re dressed, and suddenly I feel dirty.

Training Plus mode is like an interactive tutorial. It’s about getting players prepared for real Dead or Alive 5 Plus matches. Except Team Ninja knows normal tutorials are boring. So Training Plus Mode gives people missions to complete. As you accomplish each goal, you’re also learning how to play the game.

There were also two more Dead or Alive 5 Plus tidbits released. The first is that it is compatible with the PS3 version of Dead or Alive 5. Vita players could be fighting against PS3 player and vice versa. Also, if you own both versions of the game, the DLC costumes are compatible. It also apparently has better frame data so all of the characters and moves look better and smoother.

Confession time! I’m not a big Dead or Alive fan. I’ve never actually owned any game in the series. However, I really liked the Dead or Alive 5 matches I played at E3 2012. I’m kinda thinking maybe I should get Dead or Alive 5 Plus, even though that Touch Play Mode seems like it could be considered a bit perverted. What do you think? Would that be a good jumping-in point, or would an earlier entry be a better place to start?

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