Skylanders Giants Wave 3 characters hit Toys R Us December 21, 2012 (Updated)

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Okay people, the world can’t end December 21, 2012. That’s when the new Skylanders Giants wave 3 figures arrive! See, Activision doesn’t just release all Skylander Giants figures at once. They come out in waves. And now a third wave of characters is on the way just in time for the holidays.

The announcement came via Toys R Us today, which sent out a special email to people who have subscribed to the store’s mailing list. Apparently, when the stores open at 6am on December 21, 2012, the Skylanders Giants wave 3 figures will be available. Supposedly they’ll only be available in limited quantities, which means people will have to be fast if they want one of the special characters.

Here’s why people should be excited. While a lot of the Skylanders Giants wave 3 figures are remakes of original Skylanders figures, there are a few new ones. The confirmed remakes for this run are Cynder, Eruptor, Lightning Rod, Prism Break and Stealth Elf. It also seems that this wave might include a single Lightcore figure, Shroomboom.

Now, here’s where the Skylanders Giants wave 3 character details get sketchy. These are only rumors, mind you. Word on the street is that the Eye Brawl, Ninjini and Thumpback Giants figures will be in this wave. Also, supposedly a Scorpion Striker Battle Pack, which includes a Scorpion Striker item, Zap figure and Hot Dog figure will be available tomorrow.

If this is true, then I’m ridiculously excited and might have to beat some of you out as I rush to Toys R Us! I really want that Eyebrawl figure and Hot Dog, and I may have to fight you to get my Skylanders Giants wave 3 figures!

Update: 9:15am CST December 21, 2012

Well, so much for Skylanders Giants wave 3 being worthwhile. I, and it seems plenty of you, went to the store this morning and was disappointed to find that this round of new figures only included remakes of characters from the original Skylanders. What a crock. I think Toys R Us should have been more clear with its announcement, stating which characters would be available, and that Activision should have had a little consideration and released the last three giants figures at least so kids and players who are young at heart could have brought Eyebrawl, Ninjini and Thumpback home for the holidays!

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  • Maria

    I have talked to toys r us and the shipment they got was just the remakes of the standard sized skylander giants wave 3 they did NOT get hot dog, eye brawl, ninjini, etc. Just same old ones diff packaging. I’m dissaponted for my son. This should have been clarified in the toys r us email!!!

    • Nicole

      I agree! I along with 5 other parents were there at 6:00 AM this morning just to be disappointed. :( No new characters.

  • Jesse

    I called at 6 am and confirmed the same…no new Giants….just series 2 characters….saved me a 2 hour drive

  • Jess aman

    So disappointed. Once again Toys r us gives false advertisement. No Eyebrawl. No ninjini, no hotdsg and no thumpback!!!! Why would they send an email out for characters they already have? I was there at 6 am. My boys are going to be so sad.

  • 12secgtp

    I was just at 2 Toys R Us stores at 6AM. The shipping boxes are mark wave 3 but they are not wave 3. they were just wave 2 small figures. more than just disappointed. I could’ve slept in .

  • Lorra

    My husband went to toys r us this morning hoping to get the new Giants (eye brawl, hot dog, ninjini). They didn’t have them. Just old characters repackaged. :(

  • Brandy

    Don’t get too excited. Not a single giant to be found at Toys r Us this morning. My son is going to be heartbroken Christmas morning. Thanks activision!

  • Mandi

    I called TRU this morning and they did confirm that more characters will be released on Sunday. I’m really hoping these are the “new” characters that are more desirable. My son was really excited this morning and hoping that he’d get a new giant. Crossing my fingers for Sunday!

  • John

    Confirming what the 1st commenter said – I just came from the store (after lining up for the 6am opening) and none of the new figures (or giants) are out! NONE. They’re all remakes. So pissed.

  • Eric

    I went to toys r Us this morning. No new large giants just a few more small redeploys. I was able to get shroom boom and jet vac in individual packs. I asked the staff if any more new giants came out and they said Thumpback on 12/23.

  • Schoon

    I took a trip to Toys R Us this morning and the boxes were out but not unpacked yet. In them I was only able to find Prism Break Series 2, Eruptor Series 2 and Stealth Elf Series 2. The clerk stated no giants were in the shipment nor were any 3 packs. Oh well, we wait, we wait. I believe I have everything released so far for Skylanders Giants and according to my list the unreleased are as follows

    Series 2 Figures – Zap, Drobot, Spyro, Wrecking Ball Ligthning Rod
    Giants – Thumpback, Ninjini and Eye Brawl
    New Figures – Hot Dog
    Light Core – Chill, Pop Fizz, Hex and Shroomboom

    Hope this helps someone out there.

  • Jason

    Confirmed as well. Our TRU Manager was clueless about the drop today. I got there at 6 am with 3 other “crazies” and they only pulled some ‘new’ Series 2 characters from the back. IMHO, I haven’t been spending cash on the Series 2 characters, rather I was there for the new Giants. Eye Brawl, Ninjini, Thumpback(my son REALLY wanted him), and the single hot dog. They did not have those nor knew when they’d get them.

  • Tom

    Same problem for me in LA. Went to TRU @ 6am only to be disappointed. I think what makes it more frustrating is that the Toys R Us employees are so completely clueless, and overly unconcerned, about the release or providing a modicum of semi-accurate information on release dates or when the shelves might be stocked. It would be nice if TRU Corporate could at least inform their employees a little better. This is after all their “business”.

  • Heather

    After hiring a sitter so I could go and buy some Wave 3 characters I arrive at Toys R Us only to find they had not even opened the boxes yet for the Skylanders shipment and had no idea about the ad I was referring to. There were NO new characters. The ad listed the possibilities when they knew the figures were not going to be available. Bad marketing. I’ll stay home and shop from Amazon from now on!

  • LA

    Arrived at TRU at 5:30 to stand in the cold until 6:00. Same story here. Manager was clueless about release. I had to show him the email from my phone. Store supposedly only had 2 boxes and one had already been opened and picked through. I am getting really tired of the lack of communication with both TRU and Activision in regards to these stupid little pieces of plastic called “Skylanders” that they are selling.

  • LA

    Anyone wanting to preorder hot dog can order it in the Scorpion Battle Pack at or in store. It is due out 1-1-13

    • melissa olson

      The hot dog battle pack can be pre ordered now at Gamestop but release date got delayed as of yesterday to JAN 9Th 2013. I just wanted to share.

  • Brian

    No offense to you guys, but as a temporary worker to get some more funds during college, I’ve taken a job at Toys R Us. I work in the Electronics and know every single thing about every single thing in my department. I knew about Skylanders, and I knew about what was releasing, I also knew the rumor mills and how you guys and others like you were looking for particular things. First off, some things you should know:

    First, for today and the next days leading to Christmas we are open for 84 hours straight, we are primarily a toy store, while Skylander is considered video-game hardware, and while it is the most popular video game toy, it is not the most popular toy. There are so many things we must maintain and know about that you can’t honestly expect us to know everything about it all. I do, and that’s only because I choose to do that. Otherwise you’ll get people just selling a product, which is, as far as sales go, a fine thing, though unfortunately not what you’re looking for.

    Customers are impatient, and not entirely or altogether reasonable. Rarely do you guys even appreciate what retail does and you just think your money entitles you to immediate service. While I understand that notion, it isn’t and simply cannot be true.

    According to all the factors, there is no Skylander Giants Wave 3 New Giant releases. There was Wave 3, and that consisted of 8 figures. Lightning Rod, Stealth Elf, Eruptor, Prism Break, and Cynder in Series 2 format. Keep in mind Series 2 is stronger because it has an additional WamPow ability, as well as the ability to change upgrade trees instead of being locked into one. Other than that, there was a Lightcore Shroomboom also released. 2 other figures, Zap series 2 and Hot Dog are being released to us 30 days after January 1st, while Gamestop from January 1st until February 1st has exclusive access to the Scorpion pack, a pack that also includes a gold catapult that adds levels like the dragonfire cannon.

    So, don’t go insulting Toys R Us, its employees, or the rumor mill. They are just doing their job and we woke up at 6 am to accommodate you. Also, I told people where Hot Dog was, even though that’s another store, because as I said, I understand. A little respect is all we ask. Also, the rumor mill exists to spread rumors based on logic outside of marketing and corporate policy, as well as others. They will never have all 3 giants released at once, and Thumpback is likely to be the last they ever release. That’s just common sense in marketing terms, because in Christmas it would be hard to gain the funds and demand while most people are already out of work and away for the holidays. Instead they can wait for a better holiday. Perhaps Wave 4 will be sooner than you think.

    • Jason

      Hey there, I work for a large online retailer as a creative director. We all exist because of the consumer. Don’t forget that. I’ve worked plenty of Black Fridays and cyber Mondays waking up and working a 24hr shift to keep up with demand. That’s retail, you don’t like it, sorry man, maybe the stores arent the place for you. Customer demand drives our business, so if you want someone to feel sorry for you, I’m fresh out of sympathy. We’ve all been chomping at the bit for these characters. And yes, it is stupid, life will go on, etc., doesn’t give you the right to insult your customer base.

      Hunting these stupid things down is half the fun. Sure the rumors were wrong this time, but that also feeds the anticipation. So, don’t take disappointment as insult and realize that your corporation has some opportunity for growth in the communication and manners department.

      Happy holidays.

      • Brian

        I think you misunderstand as there was some clear misinterpretation going on judging by your response. I’m not looking for sympathy. I personally don’t care. I only posted to give you both the proper information as well as some marketing information that should indicate that it was entirely unreasonable and illogical to even consider the release being as desired. I also don’t intend stores to be my life since I’m studying for a business degree. I’m also an extremely good sales person based on the compliments I receive, so I quite honestly don’t understand why you’d make such a rude and poorly thought out response.

        Also, based on Skylanders, they’ve only been out for 3 months compared to what the original series was and how their releases went. You should reasonably expect a 3 month additional wait, that seems pretty standard. Also, I didn’t insult anything, I stated not to insult us. As for business, demand doesn’t actually fuel production, theorized demand does initially, as does investment. In a practical business outlook, customers don’t control the stores or the producers in any capacity, that seems to be a very leaky argument to be honest.

        Anyway, I’m not going to spend any more time replying on this site I’ve never heard of in my life, but I suggest you take a good look at your own words before you make such a mistake in replying again. Not the point at all.

        • Jason

          Typical response.
          Demand does impact supply. If you don’t think it doesn’t, your diluted. Your original response was baseless. Your store wouldn’t be open to begin with if demand didn’t dictate it and corporate didn’t think it was going to get the traffic. Secondly, Electronics have some of the highest margin in the retail industry. TRU dropped a marketing email. The fact that corporate didn’t communicate that to you, again, is not our problem. But you sure should have known about it. So, instead of popping off, you may want to take a step back and realize you insulted people. Starting your reply with, “No offense to you guys,” doesn’t give you the authority to be a jerk. Furthermore, most people have jobs and took time of those said jobs to buy some toys for their kids. People have every right to be angry about your Manager not being able to communicate with the condescending kid in electronics.

          ” In a practical business outlook, customers don’t control the stores or the producers in any capacity, that seems to be a very leaky argument to be honest.”
          Customers keep your doors open, period. Customer ARE the fuel in the retail industry, that’s why it’s retail. Nice try.

          But, hey you kids know everything nowadays, don’t you? Call me if you get into the corporate world. Maybe after you figure out that it doesn’t exactly look like your textbooks.

          • Brian

            Apparently, I have to turn out notify by email, so this will actually be the last one. But you clearly misinterpreted yet again, which seems to be a root issue of yours. If you actually look at the mechanics of business, you’ll see that production is based on theorized demand. Additional production after or outside of that initial form is then produced by metrics that are collated and collected. Past that, it goes back to theorized demand. Customer demand is always a “theorized demand” that isn’t actually made into reality until the product is out there. So no, if anyone with any sense of business or product design and market research had a product they would of read the audience and released the product due to theorized demand. Actual demand would not be a case because anyone of competence would not have had any issues. It’s when you don’t do good market research that the issues appear. So long as research is done and the product design was well, then customers are always a theory and then a reality, they are never a stopping point. Barring something out of the ordinary and unexpected, which market research should be able to easily determine, you are wrong to the highest extreme.

            You believe the customer is always right, but the truth is that, while that’s a noble sentiment, I have never seen that a reality in either theory or in practice in any business in this day and age. You may be in an antiquated line of thinking which you believe superior, but is actually not the real way things work. You can be in a corporate environment, yet not understand it, and that seems to be the case. Someday you’ll learn that education isn’t based on textbooks anymore, and even in the learning environment it hasn’t been for a long time.

            You seem to think customers are a power that can’t be controlled in a sense, that may be why your thinking is of an antiquated notion. As for insulting? That’s what you’ve done, insult a person you don’t know. I made the statement to not insult others, and to respect those that do a relatively thankless job. I don’t personally care what your views are as they don’t impact me, but while you’ll never agree you’re wrong and also in the wrong, you should at least realize that very few organizations have the communication you expect, hell, not even the military relays that to their primary soldiers. They give them the bare line, and they do it.

            Archetypical structure, including those focused on top-down orders, do not behave in any sense like you think or expect, and it certainly isn’t going to change. We make do with what we can.

      • Eric

        Well said.

  • Maria

    Okay the toys r us employee said something about he knows where we can get hot dog? That’s better then nothing I have no freakin clue what in going to tell my son for Christmas all he wants is a wave 3 giant or hotdog so help anyone?? Oh and Im sorry you all had to go through a disappointment this morning. That’s why I called around all last night and I only found one employee who knew what they were talking about.

    • Brian

      Gamestop will have an exclusive you can preorder. It will be available January 1st or 9th, facts aren’t conclusive yet.

      • maria

        Thank you. I will look into it. Hopefully its Jan 1 lol

  • scott

    got an email for tomorrow saying 5 wave 3 to choose from for sunday. does this mean midnight tonight we can go in and buy them?

  • keith

    I am wondering the same thing. Do I go to toys r us at midnight or am I wasting my time. Even if there aren’t any new giants at least ill know. Help.

    • scott

      Hey if you find out what they have can you text me ? I will leave my #

  • scott

    I will call at midnight i bet its lightning bolt/cynder/stealth elf/eruptor/prism break. all garbage

    • keith

      Exactly what it was. Plus pop fizz.and whirlwind. How did you know the exact ones.

  • keith

    I’ve been calling both of my toys r us’ and have gotten an anyone to even answer the phone. I’ve been calling for 12 hours. Guess ill just go in. Probably have to tell them to open the boxes.

  • brandon

    I see a lot of people complaining, but how many people read/understood the email? I received it. I read it. It says “new skylanders giants.” A reposed lightning rod, stealth elf, cynder, etc are all new “skylanders giants” figures. This is the 1st oppurtunity you’ve had to get those figures in that pose & with that color of base.
    I went hoping for new giant figures and was disappointed none were there but I wasn’t mad. Simply enough, the email did not say anything about new giants being available.

  • keith

    Yes all garbage. All s2

  • Will

    No giants in Heath, OH.

    • Keith

      Or in columbus east side. Only a mix up would allow different characters at different stores. I was there at midnight and had them open all of the boxes. They all had the same in them.

  • Haha FunnyGuy

    @ Jason – If you’re currently in the process of obtaining a business degree, as you stated, you might want to double up on English. Your repetitive usage of the word “also” removes any sense of flow from your post and, frankly, gives the impression that you suck at expressing yourself.

    • Jason

      You must be referring to @Brian, the arrogant punk that refers business acumen that he obtained from his professor last week. I on the other hand have been in the trenches for 15 years. I have nothing to prove to anyone. He, on the other hand, hasn’t accomplished squat. With his attitude, probably never will.

      Happy holidays to everyone. Here’s to hoping that the new Giants are released soon. The hunt is half the fun.

  • lina

    Hot dog doesnt come out till jan 1st. I preordered that so thats how i know. Ninjini was the only Giant to be available in the wave 3 launch. there will be a total of 5 waves. wave 4 will be around the 2nd week of Jan and then 4 is in Feb. This is all apart of their money making marketing scheme and it makes sense. hope this helps!

  • lina

    also forgot to mention that Eyebrawl is in the wave 4 and thumpback is in wave 5. I also just wanted to say that at the TRU i went to they did have a Giant (ninjini) and more S2characters. I was told that not every TRU gets the same things, which i dont really understand, but not every store does so this may explain why all of you are so bitter. Its tough to wake up at 6AM to go to a store and not to have what they advertise, so i understand that. hopefully that is something they can fix, but it wasnt completely false advertisement.

  • scott

    tell your nonsense somewhere else there was no ninjini anywhere because if there was it would be on ebay for sure.