iPhone and iPod Touch gaming update for December 24, 2012

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By the time this goes up it will be Christmas Eve, the perfect time to check out last minute App gifts to share with your friends and loved ones or to pre-load onto those iDevice gifts. So check below to see what’s new on this Holiday week.

Penny Arcade The Game: Gamers vs. Evil is a digital trading card game set in the Penny Arcade universe for $4.99. Play on or offline taking on opponents such as Dark Gabe. Unlock achievements for Game Center, play locally against others, and check out the card gallery.

Final Fantasy IV lands on your iDevice for a hefty $15.99. This isn’t some port of the SNES game however, there are updated graphics, voice acting, jukebox, and a mapping system. It’s a classic game that may well be worth the price for fans who don’t own a DS and want this classic on the go.

Ravensword: Shadowlands hurdles you into the vast world of the Kingdom of Tyreas. There you will explore and unlock the mysteries of the world, engage in 1st and 3rd person combat, ride flying mounts, unlock Game Center achievements, and more $6.99.

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