Don’t Starve Long Live the Queen update introduces the spider queen

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The latest update for Don’t Starve is now live for both Steam and Google Chrome. This update is called Long Live the Queen and it is mostly based around spiders. The spider queen that was hidden throughout the video for the Naughty & Nice update has been brought into the game to make spiders more formidable opponents. There are also new crafting items, bug fixes and a new experimental algorithm for generating maps.

Let’s go over the spider stuff first. Spider dens have always had three tiers, but Klei Entertainment has made the spiders in each tier more difficult to defeat. If you attack a nest that has grown to its highest tier, the spider queen will emerge. There can be more than one queen, so try to keep those spider dens under control. If you happen to kill the queen, you can get a spider queen face hat for your character as a trophy. You can also craft a hat that controls spiders.

There is also a different type of spider that can’t be defeating by “kiting.” Kiting is strategy that involves running away from the spiders, turning around to attack and running away again before they can counterattack. The new enemy spider can attack by leaping.

Other new items include fire darts, traps made of teeth and more. The full changelog is below.

New Features

  • Spider dens have a full life cycle. Tiers are more meaningful, and higher tiered dens will require strategy to overcome.
  • Spider queens come out of the highest-tier nests to wreak havoc and spread spideryness.
  • A new type of warrior spider protects high-level dens and the queen. They are resistant to kiting, so a frontal assault is not recommended.
  • Wilson can build fire darts, and light pretty much every creature on fire.
  • Wilson can build a spider hat from egg sacks that lets him control spiders. Just be careful when you take it off!
  • Wilson can build tooth traps and use them for defense or for guilt-free rabbit hunting.
  • There is a new, experimental map gen algorithm that you can use. It is a work in progress and is largely untested and unbalanced, so you may not live for very long! (Don’t worry, though – the old map gen is still the default!)
  • Pet Smallbirds will demand food when hungry, and can starve to death.
  • Wilson can build a warm hat. It… makes something happen.
  • New “epic fight” and “dawn” music.


  • High-level hound attacks are more intense.
  • Krampus is silent until you reach a certain threshold of naughtiness.
  • Farming takes longer.
  • Some fruits and cooked foods are a bit less potent.
  • Seeds drop less frequently.
  • The birdcage seed sorter is less reliable.
  • Pig houses wear out after a certain number of its pigs are killed.
  • Werepig monster meat threshold increased to 4, werepigs drop normal meat.


  • Stuff that falls out of bounds will disappear after a bit.
  • Most monsters will ignore things that are out of bounds.
  • Gobblers and Krampusses try to avoid getting caught against the edge of the world.
  • Fireflies drop individually.
  • Mobs shouldn’t get stuck in sliding animations.

Source [Don’t Starve]

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