PSN finally gets the Jetpack Joyride it deserves

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Jetpack Joyride was released in late November on the PlayStation Network as a PlayStation minis title. In our review, we pointed out that charging $3.99 for a game that is free on all other platforms was unnecessary and greedy. PlayStation owners deserved a port that would take advantage of exclusive features that Sony’s consoles can offer. Fortunately, that’s exactly what has happened today. A new HD version of Jetpack Joyride is now available as a free download for European PS3 and Vita owners. North Americans can download the game on December 31. 

In addition to HD visuals, Jetpack Joyride will also support trophies and leaderboards. Since the game is free, it also includes the ability to purchase coins with real money. Jetpack Joyride is one of the finest examples of microtransactions done right, so you don’t have to worry about hitting a wall until you pay up.

I downloaded and played this game earlier today, and it does look better than the PlayStation minis version. The visuals aren’t mind blowing or anything, but it will look much better on the Vita than the PSP. There were small instances of framerate drops during explosions, but it’s negligible. I also earned a trophy during my first run.

This is how Sony should handle ports of smartphone and tablet games from now on.

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