Gameloft and EA discount one of their most expensive Android games

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In the spirit of the holiday season, game companies are slashing prices on some of their games. Telltale has a great iOS sale going on right now, but Android gamers may find sales a little harder to come by. While searching for the best deals, we’ve learned Gameloft and EA have applied major discounts to Wild Blood and Need for Speed Most Wanted. These games are now being sold for $0.99. 

These two games have some things in common. The both have impressive graphics, they both take up a lot of storage space (at least 2GB) and they both ticked people off for including in-game purchases as a way to make progression easier. If Wild Blood and NFS Most Wanted weren’t on sale, I’d find them difficult to recommend based on their monetization methods. If you pay for a game, I feel you should be able to get through the entire experience without being held back by sudden difficulty spikes that can only be overcome by grinding or spending more money. However, considering that both of these games are less than $1, I feel they’re worth downloading just to say they’re a part of your collection.

Google Play Links [Wild Blood] [Need for Speed Most Wanted]

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