Avengers Initiative is free on iOS, drops to $0.99 for Android

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Another day, another game discounted into impulse buy territory. This time, it’s Avengers Initiative that has been given a big discount. For a limited time, this game is only $0.99 for Android. If iOS is more your style, you’ll be happy to know it’s totally free for now. iOS users also get the added bonus to play as Captain America, while Android users are stuck with the Hulk until the game’s update rolls around.

Avengers Initiative is basically an Infinity Blade clone with Marvel characters. Expect to do a lot of swiping, dodging and parrying throughout every one-on-one battle. There are also some in-app purchases that some reviewers say are used as a way to make the game easier. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly get outclassed by an enemy. It’s just a ploy to make you spend more money.

When the Captain America update does come for Android, he’ll cost 10,000 ISO-8 or $0.99 to unlock. In my opinion, people who spent $6.99 on this game originally should just get every character update for free. This is especially true if in-game purchases are used as a crutch.

Still, for $0.99, it’s worth a look.

Download Links [Google Play] [iTunes]

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