Zynga Japan is the latest restructuring plan casualty

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Looks as if the restructuring initiatives brigade is still rolling as Zynga has announced that it will be closing up shop in Japan this year. In fact, Zynga Japan CEO Kenji Matsubara took to Facebook for just that reason. As stated via my own personal translation of his statement regarding the official shutdown:

Unfortunately, it is with great regret that I must announce the closure of Zynga Japan as of January 2013.  I would like to thank everyone who gave deeply from your heart for your support of our games and services which I have enjoyed working on for your enjoyment. Thank you for your continued patronage, as your service is greatly appreciated from now into the future.

In addition to the closure, some of Zynga Japan’s games have (or will be) headed out into the sunset. These include the Pokémon-style RPG Montopia, the SimCity-like Machitsuku (or more accurately known in the ‘States as CityVille if I’m not mistaken) and the scrabble-like Mojitomo (as in Words with Friends, of course). Services for the mobile card battle game Ayakashi: Ghost Guild will continue, however – so I guess we can be spared at least one casualty, if not all of them.

Granted, Zynga Japan isn’t the first casualty of the year for the social games conglomerate. As you may recall from back in October,  Zynga closed its Boston studio and reduced its staff in Austin.

Source [Facebook] Via [GamesIndustry]

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