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Good morning Android Amusements readers! This week we’re going to rave about World of Goo, which was the Amazon App Store’s “Christmas gift” to shoppers yesterday. By that I mean it was Amazon’s free app of the day for December 25, 2012. It was a pretty awesome deal, considering it’s normally $4.99. Of course, some of our loyal Humble Indie Bundle buyers already have it thanks to the first Humble Bundle for Android since this is an older game, but it still never hurts to acknowledge a classic.

World of Goo is a physics puzzle game. Players go through 48 levels, with each tasking players with getting a requisite number of Goo Balls to a pipe at the top of the level. There are more Goo Balls than needed in each level, as players must use extra Goo Balls to create structures that allow them to reach said pipe. If played properly, even more Goo Balls can be collected, which can be used in an extra World of Goo Corporation level to try and build a tower from the surplus Goo Balls collected from each level.

Part of the majesty of World of Goo stems from its simplicity. All players need to do is drag and drop a Goo Ball to start creating a structure. Deconstructing is as easy as pulling a Goo Ball away until the bonds tying it to other Goo Balls break. Most levels have multiple solutions, or at least means of constructing the solution you need, which makes it even better.

Then there’s the art style. Everything is very stylized, with each type of Goo Ball having its own unique look that matches its properties/personality. It looks great and the Goo Balls really stand out against the scenery. You can see it in action in this official World of Goo trailer.

The story in World of Goo is quite wonderful as well. It has a moral, but it isn’t patronizing or lecturing the people. It also manages to convey this message through signs left in levels and with very little text. It’s surprisingly effective and efficient.

As for downsides, there really are none. World of Goo looks and plays perfectly on a tablet. The game looks fantastic and the touch controls work perfectly. In fact, I’d say World of Goo is better on a tablet than on the computer, because it feels more intuitive.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with World of Goo. It’s just a fantastic game. It’s a classic and even after beating a level, it’s fun to go back and see just how many Goo Balls you can collect in each level. I highly recommend it for gamers of all ages and skill levels. If its normal $4.99 asking price is too high for you, wait. It’s been discounted before as part of Google Play sales and it’ll likely be reduced again soon.

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