How To: Return a video game you didn’t want

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We don’t always get what we want for the holidays. You can end up with multiple copies of the same game, a game you’d never want to play in a million years (see Poptropica) or something that doesn’t wow you. Keep calm and check our return policy list. GamerTell is here to help you out this year details on how to return items to Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Toys R Us and Walmart. So grab your photo ID, the item you need to return, hopefully the receipt and read on for enlightenment!


Amazon currently has an extended return policy in effect for the holidays. If an item was purchased between November 1-December 31, 2012, it can be returned until January 31, 2013. This applies only to items bought from Amazon itself, and not from an Amazon seller. Since we’re talking about video games, know that it must be unopened if you want to return it for a full refund. If the plastic wrap is opened, you’re stuck with it unless its defective.

If you need to make an exchange, due to already having a game or getting a defective game, then you must go through the Amazon Exchange Center to return or replace an item. This section also offers details for specific sellers, in case you bought an item from a seller through Amazon. Follow the steps to get a label for your item and to send it back to Amazon.

Best Buy

Best Buy has an extended return policy in effect for the holidays. If you bought the item between November 4-December 24, 2012, you can return the item until January 24, 2013. You must have both the receipt or packing slip and a photo ID to make the return. When returning a game, it must be factory sealed to get the full amount back. If the game is open, you can only exchange it for another copy of the same game. Items purchased online can be returned in-store. If a gift card came with it or the item being returned was part of a bundle, then the unreturned item/gift card will be deducted from the amount returned.


GameStop’s return policy is strict. You have 30 days to return a new product that is factory sealed for a full refund and you have seven days to return a pre-owned product or game. If a pre-owned item is defective, you have 30 days to exchange it for a new item. You must have the receipt/packing slip and a photo ID. It also says that it can refuse returns and send shoppers to the manufacturer of an item to get a replacement from that company instead.

There’s one thing GameStop isn’t clear about. It states that “certain items” purchased from the website can be returned to a store, so long as the person making the return has the packing slip. However, it doesn’t say which items can and can’t be returned if purchased from the website. If you’re just returning a game or console, you shouldn’t have any trouble making a return to the store. If you do need to return something purchased from that can’t be returned to a store, you must send it back to the address on the return shipping label. You may also want to call customer support before mailing the item back.


Target items can be returned in-store or through its online return center. The return policy allows you to return items within 90 days. A photo ID and receipt is required, but if you don’t have a receipt Target can perform a receipt look-up by checking the card card, checking account, debit card or Target gift card used to make the purchase. If a game is factory sealed, it can be exchanged for a full refund. If it is opened, you can swap it for another copy of the same game.

Toys R Us

Toys R Us does not have an extended return policy in effect for the holidays. You have to return items within 90 days. If you are returning tems, you must have the receipt/packing slip. Games must be factory sealed for a full refund, as they can only be exchanged if opened. Also note that if a gift card was given with the purchase of the original item, then the amount of the gift card will be deducted from the amount of money refunded. No worries if you bought your item online, as it can be returned in-store.


Walmart’s return policy is fairly simple. You normally have 90 days from the day the item was purchased. You don’t have to have a receipt, but you do need a photo ID. Due to the extended window, video game systems and tablets can be returned until January 10, 2013. If a video game is completely sealed, you can return it. If you have a receipt, you can get the full total back in cash. If you don’t, you can get cash back if the game is under $25, or a Walmart gift card for the value of the item if it is over $25. If the game is defective, you can only exchange it for another copy of the same game. If it was a pre-owned, defective game, it can be returned with a receipt.

If you purchased an item from, you can return it to your local Walmart store. You take the receipt emailed to you and the item to Walmart and can get your money back. Or, you can go through to make the exchange.

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